About us


Mirai no Mori welcomes ambassadors who believe in our mission, and are passionate to share their own experiences and messages to children.
Each ambassador has their own story to share.
We are honoured and grateful to have such a diverse group of ambassadors that can spread the mission and directly support children.
Mirai no Mori sincerely hopes the seeds sown and spread through the passion of each ambassador will bloom fully in the future. Together we will work to make this happen.


Jun Sengoku

”If you want it, if you have the desire, you can do it. Keep on persevering, and someone will notice, someone will extend their hand to you like they did to me.”…more


Hiroyuki Sakamoto

“Think of a happy time, a sad time, and an angry time, and put it in the punch”…more

Matt Miller main

Matt Miller

I want to help the kids work through their pain, find their paths, and work toward and achieve their dreams.…more

Gota Miura main_b

Gota Miura

Coming soon!…more

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