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In 2003, American Dave Paddock founded Tokyo based company English Adventure, offering the classic American summer camp experience to children living in Japan. In late 2010, Paddock and his team began looking for ways to give back to Japan in appreciation for their growing success. They contacted NPO Living Dreams, an organization dedicated to empowering children living in Japanese children’s welfare institutions, sometimes called orphanages in English. In early 2011 English Adventure and Living Dreams partnered to invite abused, neglected, and orphaned children to English Adventure’s camps free of charge.

Initially centered on children in the Greater Tokyo area, the project expanded after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which devastated the Tohoku region. Moving quickly, English Adventure and Living Dreams brought children from some of the most affected areas to their first collaborative camp in August 2011, along with the Tokyo and Yokohama children invited before 3/11.

Seeing the powerful effect of the outdoors and camp life on traumatized and at-risk children, Paddock realized the need for a long-term effort to support as many of these children as possible. With the encouragement and support of NPO Living Dreams, Paddock established NPO Mirai no Mori to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of this much-needed work. Today, Mirai no Mori remains active in both the Kanto and Tohoku regions.

2011 1JAN English Adventure and NPO Living Dreams partnership begins.
AUG Summer Camp in Saitama, affected Miyagi Prefecture to join camp. / 36 campers
2012 1JAN Snow Camp in Miyagi. First camp in the Tohoku region. / 34 campers
AUG Summer Camp in Saitama and Miyagi. / 56 campers
2013 1JAN Snow Camp in Miyagi and Niigata. / 59 campers
2FEB Mirai no Mori certified as Specified Nonprofit Corporation.
7JUL-8AUG Summer Camp in Miyagi. / 86 campers
2014 7JUL-8AUG Summer Camp in Saitama and Miyagi. / 100 campers
2015 February Back to Nature (Snowboarding) in Niigata / 24 participants
July and August Summer Camp in Saitama / 105 campers
August Back to Nature (River walking) in Tokyo / 18 participants

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