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Founder’s message

When a small team of outdoor educators first invited at-risk Japanese children to summer camp in 2011, we didn’t imagine how our modest project would grow. Thanks to the support of many friends, NPO Mirai no Mori was born to sustainably serve as many children as we can.

Almost 30,000 abused, neglected, and orphaned youth live in children’s welfare institutions across Japan. They struggle with trauma and lost innocence now, with bleak outcomes all too common as they move into adulthood. Together we can help these children heal, and assist their development into productive and engaged members of society.


Like the tree of our logo, Mirai no Mori has grown from a tiny seed, nourished by the generosity and work of many. As our circle expands, the tree bears more and more fruit: changed lives for children who desperately need our love and support. Please join us in sharing the power of the outdoors to help children heal and reach their full potential. And to everyone who has supported and shared in Mirai no Mori so far, thank you.

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