Winter Camp Staff Voice #1



“I was excited to see how the children helped each other in the snow and taking care of the younger ones… Seeing the staffs and camper go beyond measures to have a good time with everyone really pleased and warmed my heart.”

Solidarity and teamwork experienced first-hand! Of course the camp staff play an integral role in guiding the children, but being with the campers is always an enlightening experience for the adults too. What could be better than working together to create cherishable memories?
Stay tuned for Stay tuned for volunteering opportunities for 2017 summer camp!


Supporters in Mitake – Back to Nature report from August 27th


14137990_1112977818790270_3182220205227741026_oThanks to many supporters and volunteers, Mirai no Mori welcomed 21 children and 5 care workers from 3 different children homes to Rafting adventure.
Teams got bonded through fun team building games, and all 4 teams were ready to paddle together when we went to the river in rain!
Another great Back to Nature day with all the great partners and supporters from Mitake. Thank you very much for everyone involved.


Deutsche Bank Group – Back to Nature report from August 25th


14102941_1111121802309205_3662497144096573252_oOn August 25th, Deutsche Bank Group and Mirai no Mori had a great day in Okutama with 20 children, as well as 4 care workers from a Tokyo home.
The amazing day started with nature art, we then roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, and finally splashed and cooled off in the clear waters of the upper Tama river.
All in all, it was a super way to spend a hot summer day in the great outdoors.
Thank you to Deutsche Bank Group and to the 13 staff that volunteered their time to help make this special day happen.


Summer camp 2016 is now completed!


13679971_1096139523807433_6598404171546616057_oThanks to everyone’s hard work and support, this year’s summer camp in Miyagi prefecture went without a hitch. 2 sessions of 4 night and 5 day camps over 2 weeks saw 61 campers, 7 LITs (leaders in training) and 14 care workers participate. There were countless stories created this summer, which we truly believe that they will never forget.

Thank you once again for your generous support to make this magic happen.


Thank You for an Amazing Summer!


P1730929Everyone at Mirai no Mori would like to thank all the campers, their care workers, our camp staff, and all the supporters for so many wonderful memories from Summer Camp 2015.
We have created unforgettable memories with 101 campers, 4 LITs, 28 care workers and 17 Mirai no Mori super staff.
We sincerely hope that these experience would broaden their horizons and possibilities for the brighter future.
Thank you once again for pouring your hearts into making a difference for these children.
Best regards,
Mirai no Mori team

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