Introduction of the Knights in White Lycra


KIWL LOGO FINALThe Knights in White Lycra are a diverse community of amateur cyclists of all standards raising awareness and funds for community projects in Japan.

KIWL is delighted to partner with Mirai no Mori in 2016, attracted by its long-term sustainable projects and support of disadvantaged children. KIWL aims to raise sufficient funds to see at least 20 children through three years of camps and interim support programs. The Knights are very excited to be helping Mirai no Mori in 2016 to achieve these goals. We seek sponsors and riders, please contact us! www.kiwl.net or info@kiwl.net


Camper/Care Worker Voices


UntitledThanks to everyone, the video is now ready for you to watch!
It contains 4 different interviews from 2 care workers, 1 girl in junior high, and 1 boy in high school, along with a lot of camp footage.
Please check this out to see what Mirai no Mori tries to accomplish. (Click photo to open YouTube video)

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