Camper voices

It was difficult to try to speak with the foreign staff but it was a really good experience. At first I was so tense and so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but when I changed my mindset to try my hardest to talk, I felt that my English Level was improving and on realizing “they understand what I am saying” I felt so happy.

(3rd Grade, Middle school, female)

As all the staff were such happy people I joined in the activities wishing that I too could speak English. From now I hope to use my experiences I learnt at the camp and hope to face up to various challenges without being frightened.

(1st grade, High School, Male)

I tried to talk to Mirai no Mori staff in English, and was pleasantly surprised as they seemed to understand what I was saying despite my English, and I could understand what they were saying. I was able to gain confidence in myself as I had been very worried about what to do if they didn’t understand what I wanted to say.

(3rd Grade middle school, female)

After participating in this English Camp I really felt like I want to increase my vocabulary, to understand what the other person is saying, and to be able to communicate what I want to say. My interest in overseas also increased!

(3rd Grade High school, female)

What I enjoyed the most was to be able to meet and become friends with Mirai no Mori staff and children from other care homes. The 5 days were so much fun I really didn’t want to go back. My memories from this time will remain a precious treasure forever. I would love to go again next year.

(3rd Grade Middle school, female)

The time spent by the campfire was for me the most thrilling. Words cannot describe how happy this time was. It was also really great that I could make friends from other care homes around japan by attending this camp. I was really touched that there are so many people with whom I could be so relaxed with in such a short period of time.

(2nd grade High School, Male )

My first summer camp was so much fun. Even now I am still reminiscing about my experiences with others who went to the camp with me. Thank you so much for these precious memories I will never forget!

(3rd Grade, High School, female)

still remember the first time I slept in a tent. As it was in the forest, I was quite nervous as there were monkeys and deer and other wildlife close by. Even though the time spent in the river was cut short by the sudden rain, even this is a precious memory for me ・・The best thing about this camp was the conversations I had with various people. When we parted I had to hold back my tears. I would really like to see everyone again.

(2nd Grade Middle school, Male)

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