Care worker voices

At the camp, both the care staff and the children were able to experience the same things and create lots of happy memories. Thanks to being able to experience things from the same view point as the children we were able to get to know new and different aspects of each child. By being able to work together in teams with other children, to challenge themselves by finding courage even when they were afraid, I felt that the many experiences they had and the feelings that they were able to experience will become a very precious legacy for them in the future. I would like for the kids to be able to be supported by and to continue with these camps in the future for these precious experiences and discoveries.

(Fukushima Prefecture participating Care Home, Female)

I myself was able to attend this year`s camp, and on seeing the warmth from the staff towards the children, it reminded me of how I should be working with the children, something that can be forgotten in our busy daily working lives.

(Ibaraki Prefecture participating Care Home, Male)

Before participating I was afraid that the child might not be able to enjoy himself but on seeing his happy face amongst the other children`s, whose goal it was to“learn English”, I realized that he was a child who could enjoy such a different environment. Even during our 5 hour journey back, despite both of us being tired, we talked non-stop of our memories of the camp, and talked of hoping we can attend again next year.

(Miyazaki Prefecture participating Care Home, Male)

This year we were incredibly lucky with the weather, and the children keep saying “it was so much fun”. We were able to make so many happy memories as a result. On top of this, the kids were able to learn so many important lessons for their future, and we are so grateful that we were able to participate.

(Miyagi Prefecture Participating Care Home, Male)

Thank you so much for inviting us to the camp again this year. 7 children and 2 care workers participated, and for me, this was my 2nd year. Meeting the various staff members, and children from other care homes, staying for 5 days together, and using both brains and body within nature was for the children an invaluable experience. I hope that the memories and experiences through the camp will help the children`s confidence and future lives.

(Tokyo participating Care home, Female)

ven children who usually are not so proactive in speaking, or portraying their feelings were able to talk smoothly in front of people thanks to the team activities at the summer camp. Thanks to this, they have been able to gain confidence and partake in various activities with confidence.

(Fukushima Prefecture participating care home, Male)

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