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Tanabata Party

Our goal is that Mirai no Mori outdoor adventures, overnight camps and nature programmes are the first step in changing a cycle of dysfunction and despair to one of self-actualisation and inspiration for these children.

We would love for you to come along and find out more.

We welcome everyone—volunteers, supporters, camp staff, donors and their friends—to what will be both a wonderful evening of socialising and a great opportunity to learn about Mirai no Mori and the exciting projects and events that will take place in the coming weeks and months.

The evening will also provide a chance to meet with sponsors of past programmes and the fantastic child care facility staff who work directly with the children, providing touching insights into the benefits and joy generated by Mirai no Mori projects.

The theme of the occasion will be an homage to the Tanabata star festival, with fun activities related to the stars and the great outdoors.

The party will take place on the 5 July at BNP Paribas, GranTokyo North Tower at Tokyo Station.
Please find details below:

Mirai no Mori Tanabata Party: Making children’s wishes come true

Date: Wednesday, 5 July
Time: 18:30-21:00
Location: BNP Paribas Tokyo office, GranTokyo North Tower, 42nd floor (very close to Tokyo Station)
Access: http://www.grantokyo-nt.com/e_access/
Cost: ¥4,000 (including delicious food, drinks and a small donation)
*All payments can be made in cash at the door.

18:30 Doors Open (drinks and finger buffet throughout the evening)
19:00  Brief Presentations
20:30  Raffle
21:00  Ends

During the course of the evening, we will be holding a raffle to raise funds for our 2017 Mirai no Mori Summer Camp.

Please RSVP by 28 June at

We look forward to seeing you on July 5 to share a fun and enjoyable evening.