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To provide safe, professional, and fun life-changing experience to children, Mirai no Mori would like you to be involved.

Make a difference in those children we serve by becoming a Mirai no Mori supporter!

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2.Monthly Supporter




1.Supporter (Individual)

With our one time donation option, you can donate however much you want, whenever is convenient for you.

Japan Post Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)

Routing #10030, account #72557491 (記号10030番号72557491)

tokuhi)mirainomori (特定非営利活動法人みらいの森  /  トクヒ)ミライノモリ)

Branch name: Zero Zero Hachi [〇〇八(読み ゼロゼロハチ)]

Account type: Ordinary

Account number: 7255749


2.Monthly Supporter (Individual)

In order to keep our programs stable and sustainable, your continuous support would be much appreciated.

¥3,000 Supporters

¥3,000 / month Total ¥36,000

¥3,000 / month Total ¥36,000

¥6,000 Supporters

¥6,000 / month Total ¥72,000

¥6,000 / month Total ¥72,000

¥10,000 Supporters

¥10,000 / month Total ¥120,000

¥10,000 / month Total ¥120,000

3.Supporter (Corporate)

Any support from corporate donors would make the Mirai no Mori program more diverse and sustainable, allowing us to grow even more. Please contact us if you are interested.

In-kind Services

Other than monetary donations, we need help with many different types of equipment and tools to make our outdoor programs happen. To invite a child to camp requires transportation, food, printing and design, etc.

If you are thinking of donating supplies or tools, please contact us.

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