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Supporting Mirai no Mori

Mirai no Mori is able to provide life changing outdoor programs for children in care homes due to tremendous support from many sponsors and volunteers.
Please consider supporting Mirai no Mori for its continuous mission to equip children with skills and mindset for a brighter future.

As individuals, you can support Mirai no Mori by:

As corporations or groups, you can support Mirai no Mori by:

  • Making donations
  • Becoming a sponsor (See current and previous sponsors here.)
  • Volunteering your time

Please contact us for further information.

Support by Donating

  • Monthly Support
    Become a monthly supporter starting from 1,000 yen per month. 
  • One-time Donation
    Donate any amount using your credit card or bank transfer
  • Otakara Aid
    Turn treasures you no longer need into donation. Click here for more detail.
  • Donate Goods and Items
    We require many different equipment and supply to run our programs and operations. If you can donate anything on the list below, please contact us.
    • Camp supply: craft material, stickers, jump ropes, etc.
    • Raffle prizes: voucher for wine, hotels, restaurant, etc.

Tax Benefits on Donation

Mirai no Mori is a certified NPO by Tokyo Metropolitan and Minato ward. Donations you make to Mirai no Mori entitle you to tax deductions against your income and resident tax. To receive your benefit, you need to submit the receipt from Mirai no Mori with your tax return. Please contact your local tax office for more information.

Monthly Support

Mirai no Mori believes that consistent and continuous participation in our program has a greater impact on the children, leading to stronger self-confidence.

In order to provide continuous support to the children for them to learn and grow, we also need your continuous support. Starting from 1,000 JPY/month, you can help us maintain continuous and consistent support for children in institutional care, providing them with unique learning opportunities suited to each stage of their development and speed.

Please consider joining our community as a monthly supporter and watch over the children as they grow and walk alongside us as we continue to provide learning opportunities that will serve them for life. As a member of the Mirai no Mori community, you will be the first to be invited to our special programs and events and we will keep you informed of our latest activities through program reports.

¥1000 per month

This donation will pay for...

1 Summer Camp T-shirt

At the end of our 4 night/5 day summer camp, each camper receives a t-shirt that they can get signed by team leaders and fellow campers. This souvenir is a way for children to remember all the things they learned at camp and take them into their day-to-day lives. Many repeating campers come to summer camp and weekend programs wearing their past camp t-shirts. Sometimes they need to squeeze into their beloved t-shirt years after they have outgrown them.

¥3000 per month

This donation will pay for...

1 Team Fire at Summer Camp

On the first night of the camp, teams work together to build a small fire, lighting up the campsite with a warm glow. Many campers experience their first roasted marshmallows using this fire. Many laughter and newly learned English phrases echos in the dark, like “My marshmallow is perfect!” and “My marshmallow is on FIRE!” This is the first opportunity for some campers to find themselves at ease, as the team spends this relaxing and fun time together.

¥6000 per month

This donation will pay for...

Summer camp meals for 1 camper

At summer camp, only those who want to help in the kitchen come to help.  And many “first time” happens surrounding the meals: first time using knives, first time cooking, first time trying certain food, first time washing their own dishes, first time finishing everything on their plate. The meals at camp provide so many learning opportunities in so many ways.

¥10000 per month

This donation will pay for...

1 Camp Fire at Summer Camp

The campfire on the last night of camp is one of the most special camp activities. Everyone, including campers and staff, shares their most memorable camp moment with the entire group, then throw a piece of firewood into the fire. Those who cannot usually speak in front of others find themselves able to share their feelings at the campfire. By sharing and listening to others on the fun and challenging moments that they all shared together, it helps take back and weave the camp experience through their day-to-day lives.

One-time Donation

Mirai no Mori is always looking improve our operation and our program. Your donation will help us maximize the impact on the children we support and reach out to more children in need. You can donate online on our website using credit card or PayPal, or through bank transfer.


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  • Receipts for individual donors will be issued by the end of January for donations made in the previous year combined. If you require a receipt at different timing, please contact us by email.
  • If you donate by credit card, the official date your donation will be the date the credit card company confirms the payment with Mirai no Mori. Please note that there may be a time difference of one to two months between the date of credit card payment and the payment confirmation. Donations made at the end of the year may be treated as donations made in the following year.