Back to Nature: Snow Adventure on March 4-5


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We had an amazing time together in Nagano! It was so wonderful to see the campers gathering the strength to try out something so far from their comfort zones. Even if it was just a tiny bit, everyone grew more courageous while out in the crisp, snowy landscapes on the mountain. We hope to be able to further this growth with more activities in future programs! Thank you once again to our sponsors who helped make this experience happen, KEEN and OMM!

Camper Voices:
“Until now I had though snowy mountains were scary but after experiencing the Night Hike, I learned that as long as you prepare carefully, you can see a new world.”

Care Worker Voices:
“Because each camper had their own opinions, traits, and ways of thinking validated and empowered by everyone at Mirai no Mori, I could see a positive side to them that I normally can’t in daily lives.”

“I believe that hearing the Snow Surfing instructor tell them ‘Following your passion wholeheartedly can lead to it becoming a profession’ really resonated within the campers’ hearts.”


Back to Nature: Art Workshop on February 18th




Our Back to Nature Art program was a lovely experience where volunteers and campers together were able to express themselves through handicrafts! The youth and the volunteers enjoyed creating snowy landscapes together with twigs and stones they found while out enjoying the scenery of the Tama River. We even created a colorful new flag for Mirai no Mori using the creative artwork of each of the participants.
We also played many fun games, learning English while we enjoyed our time together! The youth’s smiling faces brought immense satisfaction to our volunteers, and we’re all excited to do this again!
Thank you very much to everyone involved.

Camper voices:
“I was nervous at first, but I had a great fun talking to lots of people!”

Care worker voices:
“This time was only the second time we participated, but the children were really glad to have been remembered from the last time. Normally, they have to live restricted by rules in some way or another, but having this opportunity to have their own desires honored so openly was a great benefit for the children’s growth.”

“Throughout the program, I heard a lot of choruses of “This is fun!” Because they were able to show their individuality here and there while being active and communicating with each other, I feel that they were able to gain a real sense of accomplishment in each activity”.


Volunteer Information Session



We need your support! Join our team and help us reach out to as many youths as possible. Interested, but don’t know where to start? Please join our info session to find out more!

Date: Tuesday, March 28th
Time: 19:00-20:30
Venue: Takanawa City Center in Shirokane Takanawa
Access Information: Right outside of Shirokane-Takanawa Station Exit #1 on the Nanboku and Mita lines
Cost::Free of Charge!

Register HERE




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The volunteer coordinator works with relevant committees to develop and implement a strategic volunteer management system that meets Mirai no Mori needs. The coordinator also is responsible for recruiting, scheduling, managing and acknowledging volunteers from diverse group with both English and Japanese speakers.

Those who believe in the power of nature, who are keen on mentoring youth, and who would like to commit to our mission are welcome!


• Proactively assess the needs of each committee:

 Camp team
 Program development
 Fundraising
 Communications
 Admin

• Develop a strategic volunteer management system
• Recruit volunteers
• Monitor and evaluate volunteers

Compensation: Transportation costs, 850 JPY per hour ~

Dates, Days, Time: Two days per week, starting from March 1, 2017 for 3 months ~

Location: Mirai no Mori Office and wherever volunteers work

Qualifications: Good organizational skills, good writing and research skills, hard working, computer skills, an interest in the work we do, able to work independently and take initiative

Language and communication skills:

• Native English and conversational-level Japanese
• Native Japanese and conversational-level English

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested! info@mirai-no-mori.jp


Big things have been happening for Mirai no Mori this year!


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Last month we moved into our new office, and since then we have had new interns join our team. It’s a great way to kick start our growth, and we still have more plans and projects in the works that will help us to keep going. It’s thanks to our supporters that we’ve come this far, so please continue to support us however you can, and we can help even more children in the coming years. Watch as we change and evolve, and remember to look over the annual report for 2016 to see all the progress we made last year as well!

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