Back to Nature

2022 November Back to Nature: Kikori Report

Date: November 5, 6Place: Takao, TokyoParticipants: (2 days total) 17 campers, 6 care worker, 6 LITs, 5 Oracle volunteers, 5 Avery Dennison volunteers, 8 Mirai no Mori staff&volunteersSponsor: Oracle (5th) / Avery Dennison (6th)  Partner: Mori-to-Odoru Program: In the beautiful Takao forest, where the leaves are slowly starting to change colors, we had another great Kikori Program!Our kikori partner, who we have been working together since 2017, has allowed us to help with the tasks necessary for a "healthy forest" depending on the time of year, and so far we have done a variety of activities such as building stairs in the forest, tending the stream, choosing trees to be thinned, and more

2021 September-October Back to Nature Program Report

Dates: September 4 (Sat) & 12 (Sun) & October 9 (Sat): RaftingLocation: Ome City, TokyoParticipants: (3 days total) 26 campers, 10 care workers, 3 LITs, 2 program graduates, 18 Mirai-no-Mori staff (total)Sponsor: Morgan StanleyPartner: Mitake Race Rafting ClubDate: Saturday, October 2: HikingLocation: Ome City, TokyoParticipants: 4 campers, 1 care worker, 4 Mirai-no-Mori staffSponsor: Morgan StanleyDate: Saturday, October 16: FarmLocation: Hachioji City, TokyoParticipants: 11 campers, 3 care workers, 3 LITs, 1 program graduate, 6 Mirai-no-Mori staffSponsor: Morgan StanleyPartner: Isonuma Farm Our ongoing conversations with the care workers have given us a glimpse of the serious problems that this prolonged period of self-restraint poses for the children and the care workers