Another end of year is upon us once again, and Mirai no Mori team would like to thank all of our supporters for your continuous support towards our mission. While we would love to see you in person and show our gratitude directly, we have decided to refrain from having our winter party, again, this year. Instead, we will be holding “Sharing December,” a month-long event where we will introduce you to some unique ways you can get involved as well as exclusive deals for our supporters.We would also like to use this opportunity to expand our community of supporters who understands the issues that the children in care face and support them towards the brighter future. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share the information and join in Sharing December together.

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  • For the children to gain necessary life skills and live confidently when they become independent, we need to provide continuous and evolving learning opportunities as they grow from elementary to high school. Please become a monthly supporter and support their growth and development.

Have a wonderful holiday season!