Leader in Training

2019 Leader in Training program report #5

Date: Saturday, August 24th – Sunday, August 25th, 2019
Location: Mitake


It was a special weekend program with LIT-only-rafting and Mirai no Mori Friends Day event. On Saturday morning, they prepared for the rafting program for the Back to Nature next month, by deciding on their tasks and procedures to hand out all the equipment for rafting, such as life jacket and helmet. Then after a safety talk by the river, it was time to paddle down the rapids of Tama river. The water was nice and high, and they paddle down with a great teamwork, with lots of similes and laughter from everyone. It was a perfect activity to conclude their summer.

For the Friends Day on Sunday, LITs had the task of supporting the BBQ lunch, and welcoming the guests.

After the delicious lunch, we moved to a venue across the street for a quick camp game demonstration, which LITs acted as a team leader. Then it was time for the main event: the speeches by LITs. They have been preparing and practicing for an entire day, and all 8 of them were able to give great speeches in front of the guests. They also enjoyed many conversations they had with the guests during the afternoon snack.

This was the first program after the summer camp, and LITs seemed more relaxed and enjoying the weekend. And when there were tasks for them to do, there was no hesitation on who or how they will complete them. Seems like they have brought back something from the camp. While there were a few points they can improve on their speeches, I hope they can make them into steppingstones for the next challenge. We still have half-a-year left in this program. We’ll looking forward to seeing how much more they can learn and grow.