Leader in Training

2020 Leader in Training Workplace Visit Program: Oracle Japan

Date: Sunday, October 14th
Location: Mitake and their own care homes
Participants: 2 LITs, 2 high school students, 1 LIT graduate


The children in the care homes start preparing for their independent lives during their high school years. However, imagining and preparing for something they have never seen or experienced is not easy. In Mirai no Mori LIT program, we ask our supporting corporations for an opportunity for children to visit the workplace to learn about the company, industry, and its interaction with society. The children can also learn what it means to “work” through conversations with individual employees on their daily tasks and schedule, as well as their backgrounds and what motivates them. This program will help children better imagine their lives after graduation and gain new perspectives for their career options.

In October, we were given an opportunity to visit Oracle Japan as a part of the program. It was an online visit due to the spread of COVID-19, with 5 total participants, including a LIT graduate who is currently in university. Oracle’s employees gave us a presentation on the company and the industry through actual projects as examples, showing us that they are involved in a wide range of different fields. We also learned that there are people with various backgrounds and expertise working for the company, even though it is an IT company. The employees’ experiences and career paths were also very diverse. The visit was informative and valuable for the children as they start to think and plan for their future.

Thank you very much for providing an amazing opportunity for the children.