Leader in Training

2021 Online Company Visit: Oracle Japan

Date: Saturday, May 8th, 2021
Location: Online
Participants: 1 high school student, 3 corporate volunteers, 2 Mirai no Mori staff


COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restriction have drastically reduced the extra-curricular activities and learning opportunities for the children in care homes. However, the fact that these children must leave the homes and live independently at the age of 18 has not changed. To aid them better prepare for their independence, Mirai no Mori has partnered up with Oracle Japan and provided unique opportunities for the high school students to gain further knowledge about society and a better understanding of working life.

The visit started with the explanation of the company and the industry and the actual contents and schedule of their working day, and how their work style has changed due to the pandemic. Then each employee told us their personal stories on the motivation for joining Oracle Japan, their career path and decisions, and gave many advice based on their own experiences. The visit was immensely meaningful for the students who are in the process of making the decision on their own careers.

To those who joined us and Oracle Japan, thank you very much for providing such invaluable opportunities for the children.