2022 COTT Christmas Charity Event Report

Date: Saturday, December 4th
Location: Fukushi Enterprise R. Sumida Field
Participants: 76


The third charity event organized by the Country Origin Touch Footy Tournament – COTT was held on December 3rd. Under cold weather, 10 teams participated, and the participants ranged in age from children to adults, and each enjoyed playing touch foot.

The opening remarks were given by Reina, a graduate of Mirai-no-Mori’s Leader in Training program, and the deaf-rugby team taught sign language for “rugby” and “clap,” and everyone enjoyed communicating with each other using sign language.

The game started, and the teams worked together as one to score a try. In this tournament, a mixed team was formed to replace a team that had to miss a game, and it was impressive to see how everyone, regardless of team, enjoyed playing and making this event a successful one for everyone involved.

Beginners and children scored more and more points, and the game proceeded in a warm atmosphere of caring. During the break time, Christmas presents were handed out to the children, and they were overjoyed. Everyone had a wonderful time together, with full of smiles.

At the closing ceremony, the Yellow Panther team, which won with 30 points, was awarded with a warm round of applause.

“I participated as a volunteer again as I did last COTT. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves and playing lively, I was able to enjoy this event as well. I hope to participate as a player someday.”

“I was so happy to see all the smiles on the faces of the kids and the adults playing. I will continue to support this great event!”

It was a wonderful and heartwarming event that was enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The 80,690 yen that we received as donations will be used for Mirai no Mori’s outdoor programs.

Once again, we would like to thank the participants and the staff for their continued support and efforts.