Back to Nature

2022 July Back to Nature: Dairy Farm Report

Date: July 2nd, 2022
Place: Hachioji, Tokyo
Participants: 14 campers, 3 care worker, 5 LITs, 9 volunteers, 6 Mirai no Mori staff
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley  Partner: Isonuma Farm


We held a dairy farm program at Isonuma Farm, “happy farm for both cows and people”.

On a sunny summer day, a group of energetic children and adults gathered for the program. After an orientation and team making, teams explored the farm to work on the day’s theme, “How milk arrives the dining table.”

Everyone enjoyed the farm in their own ways, petting a calf born a few days before, bravely feeding a large cow, and going to Mr. Isonuma with questions.

After eating homemade lunch with fresh yogurt and milk, the campers tried milking a cow. After petting a mother cow named Pokemi, the campers caught the milk into their own hands, feeling the warmth directly.

Afterwards, each team gave a presentation in front of everyone on “how milk arrives the dining table”. Some teams thought about the processes that they are not usually aware of, such as “sterilizing” and “milking in the milking parlor.”

We also had the opportunity to observe sheep shearing, which included the experience of catching sheep. During free time, each camper spent their time as they pleased, and after reflecting on the experience, we all echoed a loud “We did it!” to the farm.

Camper voice

“I’ve never had much experience with animals, but the baby cows were so cute and I was happy to pet them a lot.”

“I thought it was great that Jeff tackled the sheep and caught it in the act.”

Care workers voice

“It was great to be able to have fun with the children. It was hot outside, so they sometimes shied away from playing outside, but it was nice to be able to spend some time outside having fun while also staying hydrated.”

Volunteers voice

“It was great to see the campers from the previous program again.”

“The children were so energetic and I was impressed to see them so happy running around for the whole day.”

We would like to thank Isonuma Farm for their cooperation and Morgan Stanley for their sponsorship and participation.