Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: December

Date: December 3,4, 17-18
Location: Ome, Tokyo

   We had 2 one-day programs and a weekend program this month. In the one-day programs, we visited 2 homes, and created Christmas crafts and played games outside. LITs were a great help in their usual activity and lunch support tasks because some of the members were from the homes we visited and were very familiar with the location and the campers.

   In the weekend program in Mitake, campers had team challenges in the morning and crafts in the afternoon. LITs were split into activity support and lunch and snack management. The activity support group prepared gear and supplies for the activities, including many different materials for the craft. They also managed the distribution of the material and assisted campers with using some of the tools. The other group had tasks of setting up lunch and snacks, and they had a different schedule from the activities. We had a meeting in the morning to confirm the tasks and timing, and then the LITs were entirely in charge for the rest of the day. They were able to time manage themselves and completed the tasks very efficiently and on time!

   On Saturday evening, we had the Christmas dinner with staff, which has become the tradition of the LIT program. One of the staff had already prepared the main dish, and the rest of us split the work on preparing the side dishes. We all thoroughly enjoyed the food and company, including the delicious dessert. We also had presents for the LITs, such as a fleece top and drybag, which will be very useful in upcoming snow programs. After the dinner, LITs gave us a progress report on the project. The budget and schedule were finalized, and each member was responsible for working on their tasks. We hope they have a successful project and come back with new knowledge and experience.