Leader in Training

2022 Leader in Training program report: November

Date: November 5,6
Location: Ome, Takao Tokyo 

   This month’s Back to Nature program was a forestry program in Takao. LITs had the usual tasks of management gear and lunch, supporting activities, and showing activity examples to the campers. While there were some member changes between Saturday and Sunday, most of them were familiar with the location and the activities, and they were able to think ahead and accomplished their tasks very efficiently. There was also great communication among the LITs to decide on individual tasks and flow of their tasks. It was good to see the teamwork they had been developing over this past half-a-year.

   On Saturday evening, we asked them to give a presentation on the project they did last month. They first decided on the format and the flow, and each member came up with contents that they wanted to talk about on their task for the project. Even though there was limited time for them to prepare, they were able to give a very smooth presentation, showing photos from the 2 days.

   A new member has joined the LIT program starting this month, and the original members have become teachers to the new member in many occasions. They are also starting to plan their next project, coming up with ideas and tasks. This time, they are planning a sightseeing trip to Hiroshima. We look forward to how they apply what they learnt and bring this project together as a team.