Back to Nature

2022 May Back to Nature: Hiking Report

Date: May 28
Location: Mitake, Tokyo
Participants: 10 campers, 3 care workers, 5 LITs, 6 Mirai no Mori staff, 14 sponsors
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley  


Under clear skies in May, we were able to hold the long-awaited program with Morgan Stanley. For COVID prevention measures, all activities were held outdoors, and we all enjoyed mountains and river utilizing all of our five senses.

In the orientation, Mirai-no-Mori repeaters stepped up and helped the team to come up with team names and head count. After completing creative head count for each team, we explained the game using the 5 senses and soon set off for a hike.

Some children were happy to hear the sound of insects, others found the smell of moss, and others noticed the sound of the river through our 5 senses activity.

After the hike, we ate a delicious onigiri lunch on the riverbank, and we played the 5 senses game again with LIT’s help. 

During free time, all campers and adults alike were able to play to the fullest. At the end of the day, each team reflected on “new” “impactful” “yay” or “Hmm.. next time” from the day, and ended the great adventure with new friends with a big “We did it!”


“It was great to get almost all of the adult volunteers wet in the river.”


“I was tired from the hike, but I was glad that we were able to enjoy hiking and playing in the river together, which we don’t usually have the chance to do.”

Care worker

“The children who normally lack confidence in their physical strength were able to complete the hike with the support of the volunteers and other team members, and I felt it was a very good experience for them.”


”I was surprised to see the children who said they were tired after the hike were so excited to play in the river after eating lunch.”

“It was great to see some campers stepped up and show the leadership for each activity!”

Thank you very much for your sponsorship and participation.