2023 Charity Touch Rugby Event Report

Date: July 1, 2023
Place: Ricoh Black Rams Setagaya Ground
Participants: about 100 participants, 1 Program graduate, 4 Mirai no Mori staff&volunteers

CTR hosted a charity touch rugby event. We were fortunate that the morning rainfall had stopped during the event. A total of 12 teams gathered and participants of all ages and nationalities enjoyed interacting through touch rugby.

Mr. Craig, the organizer of the event, began the event with an opening speech and then the New Zealand team performed songs, dances, and haka. The venue was filled with excitement!

When the game started all the teams were united, calling out to each other and passing the ball. In addition, many elementary school players participated in this event as well. It was impressive to see them boldly challenge adult players and best the adults with their natural agility.

Beginners, children, and active rugby players all participated in the games as guests enjoyed spectating. Cheers and laughter contributed to the friendly—and sometimes competitive–atmosphere. In addition to the games and cheers, many thanks to the partners who supported the participants with food trucks such as homemade cola and meat pies. The time really flew by!

At the closing ceremony, the Mumbai Girls Team, the only all-female team among the 12 teams, won the championship and received a big round of applause from the audience. In addition, a raffle was also held and luxury prizes such as T-shirts signed by Black Rams players and meal tickets were exhibited. It was a closing ceremony full of laughter, with people who were overjoyed when their number was called and those who were disappointed when they weren’t called.

“Through playing against various teams, especially against foreign teams, it was a great opportunity to interact with various people. I would like to participate again next time.”

“Regardless of whether you are an adult or a child, men or women, I was able to play with all my might, just aiming to win and enjoy touch rugby. It was a wonderful event. I look forward to participate again.”

Regardless of age, gender, nationality, or background, it was a happy and wonderful event that everyone could enjoy.

I would like to once again thank the participants, the management staff, and all the people involved for their support, cooperation, and efforts. We are looking forward to the next event.


Team sponsors: Air New Zealand / Mumbai restaurants

Food vendors: Mumbai restaurants / Oceanroad / LA VIGNE AKIKO Futako Brewery

Raffle prize donations from companies and individuals: The SimpleGroup and our Wim Hof instructors (Ice bath) / Rens Verstegen / Shinichi Sato / Yohei Shimada / Oceanroad / American Engineering Corporation / NIS Foods Service Corporation / Heavenly Vines / Sally Townsend / Hiro Takayama / Daisaku Ishizuka / Japan League one / Toyota Verblitzse / Honda Heat (donated by Tateo Kanai forward to us by Yusuke Sorimachi) / Tarzan

Ricoh Black Rams for allowing us to use their venue