Back to Nature

2023 December Back to Nature: Christmas Report

Date: December 16&17
Location: Mitake, Tokyo
Participants: (Saturday) 22 campers, 6 care workers, 8 LITs, 7 Mirai no Mori staff, 7 sponsors / (Sunday) 31 campers, 10 care workers, 9 LITs, 9 Mirai no Mori staff, 6 sponsors
Sponsors: Oracle & Asurion

In-kind donors: Morgan Stanley (craft supplies) / Costco (snacks) / Wahl+Case (snacks) / RICHEMONT JAPAN LIMITED (snacks and Christmas cards) / Namako sensei (cake) / Decathlon (gifts for LITs) / SPEC from Yokohama International School (craft supplies)


We had our last program in 2023, with a heartwarming and lively atmosphere.

The program was all about the theme of “giving,” and to teach the children that Christmas is not only a time to receive presents but to give and share something with people dear to you.

At this program, which had many repeater campers, we again asked campers to become team leaders and work together with teammates from different children homes and corporate volunteers.  After getting into the full Christmas mood by playing various Christmas quizzes from around the world, the campers came up with unique team names such as “Summer the Christmas” and “Team Rudolph”. After the Christmas quizzes, it was time to go outside and take the Christmas Challenge! Each team worked together as one, with the leader leading the activity to guess the length, weight, and temperature of various objects. We saw a lot of ideas from each team, such as using their own height as a reference and interviewing people in the area.

For lunch, we enjoyed a delicious stew lunch from cafe monaca, which we had also enjoyed during the rafting program, in the sunshine and warmth. Everyone loved our special Christmas lunch!

After that, it was time for Christmas crafts! With a variety of materials such as pine cones, acorns, ribbons and beads, many one of a kind and wonderful creations were made while imagining the person they would like to give the gift to.

We finished the program with a Christmas party filled with snacks and music from around the world. Mirai no Mori had also prepared small Christmas stockings for everyone, and we took this time to reflect on our happiest moments of the year and our goals for next year as everyone was going to be a grade older.

“It made me happy when I got to guess the Christmas Challenge!” by camper

“I enjoyed all of the activities, but the craft I made for someone who I am thankful for was the most fun!” by camper

“I had a lot of fun this year with Summer Camp and rafting! I hope to work on my leadership next year!” by camper

“It was my last Christmas program as I am graduating from LIT program next year, but it was a great day for me to spend it with the enthusiasm to give it my all!” by LIT

“I was worried about a camper, who is going through a lot as a second grader in junior high school, but I was so glad to see him enjoying himself with a smile with super staff. This is only my second Mirai no Mori program, but I once again think Mirai no Mori is a wonderful place that expands the possibilities for the children.” by care worker

“I was surprised by the limitless creativity of the children. I was very impressed by the possibilities they had that adults don’t have. I definitely want to come back and visit again!” by sponsor

We would love to thank everyone for their continued support for making this event possible and creating a positive impact on these children’s lives. We wish you a healthy and wonderful holiday season!