Back to Nature

2023 February Back to Nature: Snow Program Report

Date: February 11-12
Location: Tsunan, Niigata
Participants: 25 campers, 6 care workers, 5 LITs, 8 Mirai no Mori staff, 1 graduate
Sponsor: KEEN, CBGM Kodomo Zaidan, Morgan Stanley, Mazars Japan


Following on from January, we held another Snow Program in the winter wonderland in Niigata.
This time we had energetic campers and big campers, including many repeaters, as well as five LITs, camp staff, and one graduate as a kitchen volunteer.

After arriving at the camp site after a long bus ride, everyone seemed eager to get outside as they looked out the window at the snow. After working together to prepare to go outside, they were ready to start the long-awaited snow play. After listening to LIT’s explanation on how to play, each camper enjoyed the snow play in their favorite way.
Repeater campers told a scared first-time camper, “Don’t worry! We can do it first with me!” and many campers tried riding with two people. Then they tried with three, four, and even five people.

During the night hike, we went on an adventure under the stars, on the slopes and in the forest without lights. It was a magical nighttime snowy experience that could not be experienced in everyday life.

On the second morning, we woke up by singing and dancing to camp songs for the first time in a long time, and then it was time to play in the snow once again. There were some repeaters saying, “It’s the second and final day already, one night program is too short! I’m looking forward to summer camp!”

“The sledding looked very fast and scary, but I tried it with my friend at first, and on the second day I was able to ride by myself, which made me happy.” by camper

“I tried sledding backwards, spins, superman style, and jumps…I tried them all!” by camper

“I had been participating in Mirai no Mori as a LIT, but this time I joined as a graduate. When I saw the current LITs working together well as a team, I felt proud for them.” by graduate

“I was impressed by the way the campers interacted with each other with kindness. In the team without staff, there were scenes where the camper leaders had a hard time keeping the team together, but in the end, I was impressed by how they demonstrated their own leadership styles and worked well as a team” by camp staff

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored and supported this program.