Leader in Training

2023 Leader in Training program report: July

Date: July 8-9
Location: Hachioji & Mitake, Tokyo

   For the Back to Nature Program this month, we had a dairy farm program on Saturday and a hiking program on Sunday. We had many participants this month, so almost all LITs were team leaders. They had been leaders in previous programs, so they were familiar with the routine and led the team well through the activities. Some even started using their own method to initiate communication with campers. The weather on Sunday was cloudy and hot. But the breeze through the forest was refreshing, and the river play after lunch was even more enjoyable.

   In every program, there is a significant difference in the team dynamic from the beginning of the day to the end. Initially, the campers are quiet and need help to get their attention, requiring extra effort from a team leader. However, as they spend their day together and engage in activities, the team starts to come together. The headcount gets louder, and they start working together, forming a well-functioning team by the end of the day. As a leader, it is very satisfying to see the changes, and LITs were able to see and feel the differences in these programs. We also had many corporate sponsor volunteers over the weekend, giving LITs more opportunities to talk to them and expand their knowledge and interest.

   While each member has different goals, they all had opportunities to gain something from this weekend that will lead them to their next steps. Our next overnight program is the summer camp. We look forward to the experiences they will gain and what they will learn in the new environment.