Leader in Training

2023 Leader in Training program report: June

Date: June 17-18
Location: Mitake, Tokyo

   In this month’s program, LITs had the usual supporting roles at the Back to Nature Program and a seminar on Wilderness First Aid by an instructor from Wilderness Medical Associates Japan. In the Back to Nature program on Saturday, LITs were split into 2 groups: activity support and camper support. We had fewer program staff than usual, so LITs had to act as team leaders for the campers. But they were all familiar with the task, and with the help from the repeating campers, they managed the teams very well. The activity support group was also very familiar with their tasks and used their communication and teamwork well to accomplish their tasks efficiently. After the program, we cooked, ate dinner, and enjoyed our relaxing free time.

   On Sunday morning, LITs had a seminar on Wilderness First Aid. They learned how to save lives in a wilderness environment where medical help is not immediately available. The instructor first reviewed simple but fundamental human biology, on which the method is based. Then, the LITs learned how to asses a life-threatening condition and how to manage it through realistic simulations. They learned that you don’t need extensive medical knowledge or expertise to provide a potentially life-saving practice to others. This knowledge is valuable not only for emergencies but when creating preventative procedures. Also, the concept they learned here of gathering information, organizing them, and setting priorities for their action can be applied in various other situations.

   In the workshop, the LITs gained valuable knowledge and encountered new concepts and perspectives which can be applied to their daily life. We will continue to provide more opportunities for them to broaden their knowledge and perspective on society through unique content, such as workshops and corporate visit programs. The members are getting familiar with the tasks in the regular programs now. However, there will be more programs in the future, such as summer camps, where they will face new challenges and opportunities to test and develop their teamwork and communication skills.