Leader in Training

2023 Leader in Training program report: November

Date: November 18-19
Location: Hachioji, Tokyo

   The Back to Nature program this month was a forestry program in Takao. For the first time, we participated in a bamboo forest management activity. Campers, corporate volunteers, and LITs formed teams and cut down bamboo, carried them out of the forest, cut off branches, and stacked them after cutting them into smaller sections. Once again, we asked LITs to split into activity support and camper support, and they managed all of their tasks very smoothly. They required minimal instructions, and discussion on task assignments and scheduling started naturally among the members. Some have even started to take on extra tasks, such as making announcements and leading an activity, which has become routine in the past few programs.

   This month’s activity was a little more physical than previous months, and a few members became tired and had lower energy towards the end. They still managed to complete their tasks, but it was a good opportunity to consider their physical fitness and the importance of setting a pace for themselves. As a group, we can see that each member had found and settled into a position, forming a stable and efficient team. We will continue to provide a unique environment for them to gain new experiences, interact with new people, and continue to learn more about themselves.