Leader in Training

2023 Leader in Training program report: September

Date: September 2-3 & 9-10
Location: Mitake, Tokyo

   The Back to Nature program in September was an ever-popular rafting program. To accommodate as many participants as possible, we had 4 programs over 2 weekends. Most LITs also joined both weekends and provided great support, as usual. Because the number of seats on the rafts was limited, the LITs were split into rafting members and operation support members for each program. The rafting members joined the camper team from the beginning and provided support to the team, from picking a team name and coming up with a headcount to the reflection at the end. They also supported the many first-timer sponsor volunteers who joined the program.

   The operation support members had the usual tasks of providing support for all activities, including preparing supplies, showing activity examples, setting up and managing lunch, and sorting the gear rentals for rafting. Each member was aware of tasks and timing and worked very efficiently as a team. They also used their downtime while campers were rafting to start the LIT project. They came up with ideas and started to proceed, but they already encountered issues when they tried to communicate the plan with other team members and found out their ideas and expectations were different. We’ll look forward to seeing how they overcome the obstacles and what they will learn this time.

   LITs had a very busy summer, from 3 weeks of summer camps to workplace visits, internships, and 2 weekends of rafting programs. This month also signifies the halfway point of this year’s program. Everyone is getting familiar with the tasks and flow now, and they have become reliable staff members. Repeating campers have also gotten familiar with the LITs and vice versa, making them an integral part of the Mirai no Mori programs. We will continue to provide opportunities for them to gain leadership and management experience while focusing closely on their individual goals for next year and beyond.