Back to Nature

2023 May Back to Nature: KIKORI Report

Date: May 28
Location: Takao, Tokyo
Participants: 9 campers, 6 care worker, 9 LITs, 11 sponsors, 9 Mirai no Mori staff,  4 Team WildTame
Sponsor: Morgan Stanley


The Kikori program at Takao was held under clear skies before the rainy season.

This was the first time in a long time that multiple care homes joined together, and children from a total of four care homes came together. With volunteers from Morgan Stanley and 9 LITs, we enjoyed each others accompany. 

After an orientation to separate the teams, we went into the mountains. This time, we dug a trench with leaves and branches by the side of the path and helped create a healthy forest.

After lunch, each team worked together to cover the area for which they were assigned. Some were enthusiastic about digging holes with shovels, some ran around on the slope collecting branches, some enjoyed talking with various people, and some got so excited about insects. As usual, the children spent their time according to their individual interests. At the end of the day, Zoo-Yan, our KIKORI partner told everyone that It was perfect!

“I had a lot of fun collecting branches, saw the footprints of a wild boar, and was happy to find a beetle.” By camper

“I was impressed by the teamwork and enthusiasm of the big camper team in making the path.” By camper

“I would love to see what the paths we made today will look like in two years’ time.” By LIT

“It was great to see how they came together as a team throughout the day and to see the shy children making so many comments during reflection at the end of the day.” By volunteer

“It was very happy to see the children, who usually spend their weekends on their cell phones or playing video games, enjoying a day in the forest and being in contact with the soil.” by care worker

“I was impressed to see the current state of the places where I participated in the Kikori Program two years ago, and to see that the work we did then is connected to the present. I heard that we will know if the work we did this time will be a great success in two years’ time, and I would love to come back to check.” By care worker

Thank you to everyone who sponsored the event and to our partners for a wonderful day in the forest!