Leader in Training

2024 Leader in Training program report: April

Date: April 7 & 27~28 
Location: Mirai no Mori office & Ome, Tokyo

   Another year of the LIT program has started, with new and repeating members. We had 2 programs in April. The first one was the program orientation and the workshop for setting goals. Some of the repeating members remembered the workshop from previous years, so they were able to go through the process almost on their own. However, others were struggling from the very first task of writing down “the most important thing in your life.” This workshop aims to equip them with the ability to focus on the big picture and be aware of the reasons for their actions and decisions. They experienced a particular way of thinking that they don’t usually encounter in their everyday lives.

   The second program was the “Game Day” Back to Nature Program with the campers. The campers were split into teams and competed in various games and challenges. The LITs were in the supporting roles, managing supplies, lunch, and some parts of the activities, such as time and scorekeeping. They also showed examples of some of the activities in front of everyone. The repeating members knew the flow very well and became good leaders for the others.

   This is their third and final year of the LIT program for some members. It will be exciting to see how they can bring the team together this year. There will be many new challenges again this year, and we look forward to seeing what they will learn and how they will grow as individuals and as a team.