Leader in Training

2024 Leader in Training program report: January

Date: January 20-21 & 27-28
Location: Tsunan, Niigata

   This month’s Back to Nature Program was an overnight snow program in Niigata. We planned to have a total of 4 sessions in January and February, and we had the first 2 sessions this month. More than 80 camper and care workers from 5 different homes joined the programs, and they all had great fun in the snow, making snowmen, sledding, and going on night hikes.

   LITs were split into activity support and camper support groups but with more tasks than usual. The activity support members managed the gear and snacks during snow play, ran some parts of activities, and supported the kitchen during meal prep and cleanup. The camper support members moved with the campers, supporting their team activities as well as helping them prepare to go outside with all the winter gear and boots.

   There was more to manage for the LITs in these programs, with complex tasks and schedules. The leaders from each group communicated closely with the staff and the team members, created plans, and managed their tasks very well. The team member also actively participated in the planning stage, understood their roles, and executed them with a sense of responsibility. They have been working together since April in many of our programs, practicing communication and task management, and these snow programs are the final programs for them to show what they have learned.

   We still have 2 more sessions in the coming month. We will continue to provide opportunities for them to practice their skills and take on new challenges, especially for the younger members, leading them to gain new skills and more self-confidence.