Leader in Training

2024 Leader in Training program report: June

Date: June 15~16 
Location: Ome, Tokyo

   Back to Nature Program in June was Nature art and individual crafts: activities you can enjoy even in the rain. Campers used teamwork for their Nature art and imagination to create their unique crafts. LITs were once again in the support team. They had the usual tasks of managing lunch and craft gear and supplies. They also had very important tasks of showing campers how to use some tools and teaching them how to make certain crafts. Their experiences from previous craft programs became very useful.

   We had leaders each day to manage the LIT team’s tasks and assignments, and despite a complicated series of tasks and time restrictions, they were able to plan out their tasks well. The team members were also active throughout the day and managed their assigned tasks very smoothly. Every member can make announcements in front of everyone and teamwork and communication occur naturally within the team. The summer camp is coming up in August, which is one of the most significant programs of the year. We look forward to how they can utilize what they have learned so far, and what new skills they will learn.