Leader in Training

2024 Leader in Training program report: May

Date: May 18~19 
Location: Takao & Ome, Tokyo

   Back to Nature program in May was the forestry program. Campers worked on clearing up a rough patch of the forest. They used handsaws to cut fallen trees and branches and lay them flat on the ground, cut vines that were entangled around trees, and cleared small trees and bushes so that workers could come into the area easier for logging. LITs had the usual tasks of managing gear and lunch, as well as being general activity support. We had only 3 members on Saturday, so it was easier to organize the team, but that also meant there were more tasks for each of them. It also took a bit longer to walk to the area of the activity, so task and time management was more complicated. It was a great reminder of the importance of preparation and communication.

   In the evening, we had a small going away party for one of the staff members and we put LITs in charge of preparing the dessert. They discussed and came up with the menu, went shopping, and prepared the dessert. The staff member is leaving for the USA next month, so the LITs prepared very unique cakes with various Japanese sweets and ingredients, which they thought were not readily available there. The cakes were delicious and we all fully enjoyed the evening.

   On Sunday, we went back to the forest for another program. This time they had an extra 2 members and were already familiar with the flow, so the day went very smoothly and they had more time to join the camper on the activities and talk to the sponsor volunteers. Most members have done the forestry program before, but different team members and situations created new issues and challenges and they were able to experience the program differently. Mirai no Mori will also continue to improve the LIT program so that they can gain new experiences every time.