Leader in Training

2024 Workplace visit: Amazon Audible

Date: March 25th, 2024
Location: Tokyo

   Amazon Audible, an audiobook and audio entertainment service provider, gave LITs a chance to visit their workplace, and we visited their office in Meguro. In a large meeting room, their country manager first gave LITs an overview of the company, including its history, products, and organizational charts. LITs have only heard of the company or have seen commercials for it, and now they know what the company does. Then, a representative from each department gave a talk on their roles in the company. Each department worked on unique tasks and had its own schedule, but we can see that they were all connected and that they were all working together as a team.

   After a quick break, LITs were split into smaller groups to have more personalized talks with the employees. LITs were free to ask questions about their work and career as well as about their personal life. We then moved to another building nearby, and they gave us an office tour, where they have different lines of business, and finished the day with a final Q&A session and reflection. We saw that there were many different departments and tasks in a company, but they were all connected, and everyone worked as a team. LITs were able to ask questions and get answers from adults with different perspectives on a variety of topics, which will help them broaden their views for their future. To everyone at Amazon Audible, thank you very much for providing such a unique experience and valuable learning opportunities.

“I was surprised at the number of different tasks required. And even though there were many people who had been switching jobs or only recently joined the company, I saw that they are a great team.”

“Many employees said they liked books and looked like they were enjoying their work. They ended up doing what they enjoyed because they were pursuing their interest and overcoming challenges. “