Leader in Training

2024 Workplace visit: Columbia Sportswear Japan

Date: March 29, 2024
Location: Tokyo

   Columbia Sportswear Japan has been a continuous supporter of Mirai no Mori since 2017, particularly for the LIT program. And this time, they gave us an opportunity to visit their office in Shinjuku. In a large room, also used as an exhibition gallery, we started by introducing ourselves, and then they gave us a quick overview of the company. In the next session, a member from different departments gave a talk on their roles and tasks, as well as their backgrounds and career paths. They also gave advice to LITs based on their diverse experiences, which was especially meaningful as they prepared for their next stages in life.

   After having a delicious lunch while enjoying the friendly conversations, we continued the session. The presenter included a professional mountain guide and an ambassador for Columbia, Ban Ito, who gave us a very interesting presentation on the industry and his unique experiences. The president of the company, Mr. Lazzari, joined us for the last part of the session to give a heartfelt message and a gift to each LIT. As the last activity, they gave us a quick office tour and showed us the actual working space, including the product development area, where they had many different material samples.

   In this workplace visit program, the LITs learned about the industry as well as the attitude, mindset, and expectations required in working life. Listening to and talking to people with such diverse backgrounds and values will certainly help them build a better image of their working life, enabling them to be more prepared for their independence. Thank you very much to everyone at Columbia who made this program possible and for providing valuable learning opportunities.

“They told me that meeting expectations and having trust is very important as a working person. When I reflected on my behavior, I realized that I wasn’t practicing it. I will be mindful of it, not when I start working, but starting now.”

“I would like to be able to put my full effort into my working and private life. I don’t know where I end up yet, but I learned that if I put in the effort, people will be on my side and support me. I hope to remember this when I feel like I’m lost.”