Back to Nature Hiking program

Our Back to Nature: Hiking Program on May 20 was a success thanks to the campers and volunteers!

We enjoyed great weather and played Nature Bingo while walking through the forest using a compass to determine our location. We searched for pinecones and one camper even found a piece of crystal ore!

After clearing the last steep, rocky path to the summit, we enjoyed our onigiri lunch break at the top of the mountain. The children climbed back down the mountain with smiles on their faces and without showing any signs of being tired.

Knowing that they completed the 6km course by themselves gave them a sense of satisfaction and boosted their self-confidence.

Last but not least the children listened attentively to a speech by Jun Sengoku, one of Mirai no Mori’s ambassadors.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we were able to enjoy a fun and fulfilling day. We would also like to thank ambassador Jun for inspiring the children to be courageous!