Cookies and Wine – A Wonderful Way to Spend the Holidays

The Friends of Mirai no Mori initiative is for businesses that believe in Mirai no Mori’s mission and want to support us through their business and network.

We are proud to announce that Heavenly Vines and MOJO Coffee are now Friends of Mirai no Mori.

Heavenly Vines in Ebisu has kindly agreed to donate 5% of all proceeds made from customers who use the code “Mirai no Mori” when purchasing. This offer applies to all of their wines, so buy any and all wine you want! You’ll be supporting us while also getting to enjoy delicious Canadian wine.

When purchasing online, please mention Mirai no Mori in the notes to donate 5% of your purchase to us.
When purchasing in-store, please mention Mirai no Mori when checking out to donate 5% of your purchase to us.
Despite being unknown to many wine lovers, Canadian wines are extremely high quality and considered world-class by top wine writers, but very small production makes them very hard to buy.
Wine is perfect for a cozy night in, so buy a couple of bottles to give as a gift or to enjoy yourself!
>>Click here to check the collection

MOJO Coffee has launched a Mirai no Mori themed cookie! For the entire month of December they will be selling a Mirai no Mori themed cookie in all of their Tokyo stores. All the of the revenue from the sales of that cookie will be donated directly to Mirai no Mori!

The cookie is cute, delicious and for a great cause so please do stop by and enjoy a delicious treat while also supporting Mirai no Mori!


There are 5 options to become Friends of Mirai no Mori, and through them we will create a partnership in which everyone involved will benefit from promotions through various networks.

• Mirai no Mori Day: Businesses can choose one day a month to donate a certain percentage of revenue from that day to Mirai no Mori
• Promotion Code: By creating a promotion code for Mirai no Mori, businesses will donate a percentage of revenue from sales made using that code
• Mirai no Mori Product: Create a “Mirai no Mori product” and donate a percentage of revenue from sales of that product to Mirai no Mori.
• Mirai no Mori Charity Sale: An annual event whereby a percentage of the revenue from that event is donated to Mirai no Mori.
• Mirai no Mori Donation Link for Your Customers: Add a donation link to your business’ payment page, so your customers can make a direct donation of 3,000+ yen to Mirai no Mori.

If interested, please contact