Back to Nature

February Back to Nature: Fun in the Woods vol. 2 Report

Location: Mount Takao
Participants: 28 people
Partner: Morito Odoru
Date: February 25, 2018
This past weekend we were back in woods of Takao with our partners from Morito Odoru. Last summer, campers got to experience “kanbatsu,” where they learned how to peel the bark off of the trees. This month, they got to choose which trees need to be cut down. They learned that the cutting down of older trees is healthy for the forest because it allows more sunlight into the forest and it nourishes the growth of other trees. They had to use math as well as their mind, heart, and gut to choose which trees to cut. Through this activity campers learned that they have the ability to affect how the forest will look in 500 years.
Campers showed great enthusiasm in participating in the activities and the LITs did an amazing job of guiding young campers and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones.
We would like to Morito Odoru for a great Back to Nature program!