Friends of Mirai no Mori

Friends of Mirai no Mori is a group of businesses that make it easy for you to shop and support us without paying extra. There are 5 options available to become a Friend.

  1. Mirai no Mori Day every month!

Once a month, a company donates a percentage of its total sales from that day (for example, 10%).

  1. Mirai no Mori Products!

Purchase designated Mirai no Mori products and a percentage of the sale will be donated to Mirai no Mori.

EXAMPLE: Mojo Coffee “Christmas Cookies” 

In December 2017, all Mojo Coffee shops sold Christmas Cookies, which raised the awareness of customers and a total of 60,000 JPY.

  1. Mirai no Mori Donation Code!

Use the donation code and a a percentage of the sale will be donated to Mirai no Mori. 

EXAMPLE: Heavenly Vines

Starting in October 2017, when purchasing wine online, enter the donation code “Mirai no Mori” the notes section or tell the cashier in-store and 5% of the sale will be donated to Mirai no Mori.

(The “notes” section is below the gift wrapping and delivery options)


  1. Mirai no Mori Charity Sale!

Everyone loves a sale! The Mirai no Mori charity sale not only features great bargains, a percentage of the profits will be donated to our organization.


In September 2017, KEEN had a pop-up store (the “Feel Good Store”), which sold their shoes at a 50% discount. They donated 50% of the sales to Mirai no Mori.


  1. Donation link: Introduce Mirai no Mori to Your Customers!

Any company can support Mirai no Mori just by adding a donation link on their website.

EXAMPLE: English Adventure

Beginning in 2015, the image below appears when booking an adventure and offers an opportunity to donate an additional amount to Mirai no Mori at the checkout.





Friends of Mirai no Mori help make a difference in marginalized youths’ lives.