Back to Nature

July Back to Nature: Fun in the Woods vol. 1Report

Location: Mount Takao


Partner: Morito Odoru

Date: July 8, 2017


This month’s Back to Nature program was a huge success! We enjoyed being immersed in nature and learning about the woods.
We divided into teams, each with cool team names, and enjoyed a hike through the woods. The LITs showed leadership during the hike when they helped the younger campers get through the steeper parts and encouraged them when they hesitated.
After a delicious bento lunch, we participated in “kanbatsu,” peeling the bark off the trees to help them fall naturally in order for the forest to flourish and we learned about the sacred rituals involved. We then ended our fun-filled day with an English game in the woods with everyone. We left the woods covered in sweat and mud, but we also left with new memories!
A special thanks to BNP Paribas for making this program possible and to Morito Odoru for an unforgettable “kanbatsu” workshop!