Back to Nature

June Back to Nature Program: Outdoor Cooking Report

Location: Ikusabata, Ome City
Participants: 6 campers, 6 LITs, 2 care workers, 10 volunteers
Date: June 10, 2017
We had a fulfilling Back to Nature program thanks to the LITs! Using the knowledge gained from previous sessions, the LITs taught and led the English Games as well as explained to campers and volunteers the different cooking tasks for the day, which included building a fire to cook hotdogs and make dessert, cutting the toppings for the hotdogs, slicing the apples, and making dough for the delicious apple dessert.
Everybody got to choose a team, each in charge of a particular task, and then performed a team skit to show how they completed their task.
After that, the group had a fun and relaxing lunch outdoors filled with laughter.