Back to Nature

June Back to Nature: Hiking Report

Date: June 22, 2019
Location: Mitake
Participants: 41 campers, 8 LITs, 11 care workers, 14 volunteers, 3 Mirai no Mori Staff
Gear Sponsors: KEEN, Colombia, JanSport
The rainy season was in full effect, but that couldn’t stop all the fun we had during the June Back to Nature Weekend.
With our 8 LIT’s help, we split everyone into 8 teams to get ready for the adventurous hike in the rain!
On the way up, each team worked on Nature Bingo to appreciate the nature in various ways. Difficult ones to find were bird’s nest and animal footprints, and most of the teams seemed to struggle. Some teams were really happy when they found mushroom, spider web, and heard birds singing, which were all in Nature Bingo sheet.
Just when some campers got desperate for lunch break, everyone, including a couple of first graders, reached the very top! After a recharge from a delicious onigiri bento lunch, everyone showed amazing endurance on the way back down despite all the slippery and muddy trail. Everyone’s voiced echoed as we shouted “We did it!”Each team hiked the 6km to Mount Sougaku and back at their own paces and enjoyed being immersed in nature.
It was not an easy hike, but we hope these experiences helped to broaden the campers’ perspectives.
Thank you to those who participated in this month’s program!