KIWL Go-Go 55 Charity Run

Location: Tokyo to Saitama

Date: December 9, 2017


Last weekend, KIWL sponsored a 55-km run from Ojima Komatsugawa Park in Tokyo to Aina-shinsui Park in Saitama. The Go-Go 55 Run saw a total of 25 runners participate! Thanks to clear skies and excellent weather, runners were able to enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Fuji as they ran along the Arakawa River. All 25 worked arrived safely at the finish line. After finishing strong, the runners were greeted with a warm reception at the park by campers from a children’s home. Runners then jogged back to the home with the campers and were pleasantly surprised as the campers welcomed them with an amazing handmade banner! We then had a short end-of-run party at the children’s home where runners enjoyed thank you speeches in English from campers as well as thank you cards. We ended the day with a “peanut butter” song and dance.

We would like to extend our appreciation to KIWL, IVG, Pathways, Four Fox Sake, KEEN, Sunshine Juice, Hobgoblin Pubs, and LIFE.14 for their efforts in making this run a huge success. And thank you to all the runners for running to provide opportunities for the youth we serve!

Go-Go 55 raised ¥821,015 of the 1 million yen goal! Please help us reach our goal by December 31, 2017.