Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program 2018 vol. 1 Report

Date: April 21-22, 2018

Location: Mitake


The new LIT program has begun!

The April Back to Nature Program was held during the beautiful spring day, with Easter theme. Most of LITs are repeaters this year, so they were able to help from the start. They were in charge of distributing lunch and cleaning up afterward.

After lunch, they were able to join the teams for boxing activity, led by former professional boxer, and Mirai no Mori ambassador, Hiroyuki Sakamoto. His strong punch and the message were well-felt by all the participants. That evening, LITs had pizza(!) dinner, and reflected on their role in Back to Nature program and thought about their “new beginning”.

On Sunday, they had program orientation, and learned about this year’s program. They will have even more tasks and responsibility this year, and there will be a few projects that they will be in complete charge, from the planning to execution. The lunch was hot sandwiches by the river, which everyone worked together prepare. Most of them already know each other, but this member has never been as a team. It’ll be very exciting to see how the team dynamics will evolve during this year.

We thank you for your continuous support for the LIT participants and the program.

 *River sports competition was being held during our lunch time at Tama river. LIT members know the organizers and some competitors, and we cheered them on as we enjoy our hot sandwiches.