Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program 2018 vol. 4 Report

Date: July 7-8, 2018
Location: Tako & Mitake

The Back to Nature Program was held in the woods of Takao, learning about forestry.

The participants first imagined what the forest should look like in a few hundred years, decided which trees to thin, and peel the bark off, so that they can be harvested in a year. LITs participated in the activity, as well as helping with logistics and supporting the program.

After the dinner, they had workshop called “Catch Your Dream”, and learned how they can realize their dream for the future.

On Sunday, they had another workshop, this time on improvisation. They learned some of the key skills to be a good leader, as well as communication skills. In the afternoon, it was all about summer camp. We went over schedule and packing list, as well as our decision-making drivers, a very important thinking process for a safe and fun camp. Next time we’ll meet, it will be at the summer camp! We’ll be looking forward to their performance, and what they learn and bring back from the camp.