Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program 2018 vol. 7 Report

Date: September 8-9, 2018

Location: Mitake


It was another full-on weekend for the LITs. On Saturday, the back to Nature program was the popular rafting trip. LITs were, again, a great help behind the stage, supporting lunch prep, handing out gear for rafting, and helping out with safety talk. The water level was nice and high, so there were lots of excitement on the river. We finished it off jumping off a rock into the river.

In the evening, we had Project Management workshop, which will come in handy as there are a few projects coming up.

On Sunday morning, we had another workshop, this time on Wilderness First Aid. They learned how to deal with emergency and save lives, where outside help is not coming or far away. Something they don’t think about in everyday life.

In the afternoon, they used the project management skills they just learned to start planning their final project. First step was to come up with all the tasks and subtasks and write it down on sticky notes. It seems they’ve finally realized the scale of this project as the notes quickly covered the table. We still have half-a-year left in this program, but the number of times that all member will be together is limited. We’ll be looking forward to see how they can bring it all together at the end.