Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program vol. 10 Report

Location: Mitake

Date: February 4, 2017


The Leaders in Training (LIT), who were a BIG help at the Winter Camp in January, will head to Mount Mitake next for their overnight expedition!

The LITs only have two sessions left before the end of the program. In their last session, they will embark on their expedition, so we focused on making final preparations in this session. They unfolded all the gears that they will use for the hiking trip and checked everything carefully to make sure that there is no damage, and reviewed the packing method again. They also did role-playing on providing first aid in the wilderness to clarify any points that they were unsure of. The excited LITs kept the discussion going until late at night.

The following day, they attended a lecture on “The Secrets of Public Speaking” and practiced speaking in public. The lecture was given by the staff of Accenture, one of the sponsors of the LIT program. The topic was “giving a presentation on what you have experienced and felt in this program.” The six high school students summarized their own speeches and practiced repeatedly, improving more and more each time. At the end of the session, they each presented their stories using their own words in a lively manner.

The next session will be the last for the LITs. They will hike up a mountain on their own, set up camp, and then make their way down the following day. When they return from the expedition, we will hold a closing ceremony to mark the end of the program. We look forward to seeing how these new experiences will affect them in the future.

Through this year-long program, Mirai no Mori will work together with the LITs to achieve greater growth. We thank you all for your continued support!