Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program vol. 6 Report

Location: Mitake

Participants: 6 LITs


Date: September 24, 2017


The LITs joined the Back to Nature Program: Rafting Adventure in September as part of the staff!

Last month, they learned and practiced team building skills, icebreaker games, ways to provide support during the rafting activity, etc. This month, they made use of those lessons to ensure that the program runs smoothly and lead the campers as staff members. It was a busy day for the LITs as they helped each team choose a name and conduct a headcount. During the rafting activity, they also gave encouragements to their teammates and showed their courage by jumping from a big rock.

After dinner, we asked them to look back on the past six months of the LIT program and write an essay. They spent some time reflecting quietly while looking at the materials and notes they have received so far. Afterwards, they made preparations for the 6th LIT Program: Hiking Fitness Test activity for the following day.

OMM JAPAN has provided 40L backpacks for the LITs and the company’s director, Jeff Jensen, who is also the vice chairman of Mirai no Mori, taught them about how to pack properly.
They carried the tools and gear that they will be using for their March expedition to experience how the weight of the packs feel and ascertain much weight they can carry. The LITs checked their gear and read the map for the following day until late at night.

On Sunday, the LITs set out towards Mt. Iwatake, one of the Three Takamizu Mountains. They were fully responsible for setting the pace, when to take a break, reading the map, etc. On the way to the top, they discussed and made decisions together, fully utilizing the lessons they have learned over the past six months.

At the peak, they used a burner to cook lunch with the ingredients they carried up themselves. Instead of choosing food that they can eat right away, they decided to prepare a proper lunch despite their growling stomachs. It was a great experience for them and we cannot wait to see how they will apply their new skills in their lives in the future.

Through this year-long program, Mirai no Mori will work together with the LITs to achieve greater growth. We thank you all for your continued support!