Leader in Training

New annual Leader in Training (LIT) program vol. 2

We held the second LIT program on May 20 right after our Back to Nature: Hiking Program in Mitake, Tokyo.

The six LITs took part in the hiking program as campers and practiced doing a handshake and self-introduction in English, which they had learned with the volunteers in the previous hiking session.

The second LIT program officially started with dinner preparations at the end of the hiking program. After working up an appetite with a fun-filled day of hiking, the six teenagers polished off slice after slice of okonomiyaki pancakes.

They played relaxing games throughout dinner, after which they reflected on the day’s activities, and played a lively round of English games. The LITs also worked together as a team to build a fire, a skill they learned in the last session.

The following day, they attended a class on outdoor activities to gain the knowledge required to train in an outdoor environment going forward.

After the lecture, they went down to the riverside and conducted a comparative experiment with cotton and synthetic fiber to find out which is more suitable for outdoor wear.

The six LITs will each have different responsibilities in planning the two-day one-night expedition at the end of their one-year program. We have informed them of the tasks involved and they will decide and assign the roles at the next LIT program. We hope that they will come up with various ideas over the next month, and have a better understanding of their own potential.

Through this year-long program, Mirai no Mori will work with the LITs to achieve greater growth together. Thank you for your continued support.