Leader in Training

LIT Closing Ceremony

Location: Mitake

Participants: 53

Date: March 4, 2018

Program:  This past weekend we were overjoyed to welcome back our LIT participants from their overnight expedition in Yamanashi.  At the LIT Closing Ceremony, we informed the campers and guests about the journey the LITs had to prepare for.  The campers were excited to learn how to make a tent, blow up a sleeping mat and see how the LITs, they so look up to, prepared for their expedition.  Soon after we welcomed the LITs back from their expedition with cheers, high-fives and a round of applause.  After a delicious lunch that the campers helped serve, the LITs lead a game called 50/50. 

 The LITs showed their leadership skills they have developed from the program by facilitating the game and making it fun for everyone.  Next the LITs gave their speeches they had prepared that were about 5 camp values, which are Leadership, Courage, Responsibility, Kindness and Respect.  They were confident, articulate and passionate as they gave their speeches, explaining to the audience how these values resonated at their time in the program.  Everyone in the audience was very proud and moved by how much each LIT had personally grown over the year.  Everyone had a wonderful time congratulating and celebrating the LITs.  While we are sad that this year’s LIT program is over, we are excited to see these LITs be successful in the world as young adults and look forward to welcoming the next group of LITs!